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For tougher bosses I see them throwing in lots of RuneScape gold Dung style bosses in the long run where you will find little things you have to do in order to win. Some will be less effective than others (Lexicus comes to mind) but that I believe changing the methods needed to kill bosses are a great step towards more interesting boss battles.If I could make it myself, or get it from a monster fall, this will be the only way I'll get them. This doesn't include runes, but does contain staves. I will still buy some things off the GE and other players to get some skilling, but nothing related to combat. Any advice/support will be welcome, my personality is Joe4037 if you would like to check stats. I Equipped a mirror shield as an offhand. Magic: I've got a mysterious air battlestaff, no armor however. I have the ava's apparatus, but its the cheapest level one right now. Other: I've a amulet of glory, regen bracelet, and a few skillcapes. I am going to use them, after consideration. I will be buying equipment from NPC's.

I didn't observe this in updates or announcements, so I chose to place it here for folks to talk about. Dear RuneScape CommunityI would love to have a minute of your time to address the highly emotive issue that we face as a neighborhood -- bots. At the beginning of the year, when we brought Free Trade and the Wilderness back, we promised that we'd couple that using programmes which would battle the inevitable botting that could result from that decision. Throughout the last few months we've initiated a range of programmes to try it, some of which we have previously mentioned to you, a few of which we have not because of legal reasons and some since we don't wish to frighten gold farmers and bot makers about our counter measures.

We are dedicated to ridding our sport of bots. We are committed to supplying a more open discussion with you about the actual challenges that we confront as a result of our efforts. We are committed to involving you in this war so we can win this battle together. Most importantly, we're dedicated to continuing our investment in evolving and making RuneScape a great game to play along with an wonderful community to be part of. Thanks.

Anybody see the effects of this bot busting update? I'd trade my rapier to get a maul now and also a ZS, it's so stupid. I try going frost dragons, I head out because I was not sure about flame, next excursion looks sucessful - until, whups! Mother fudger puts his deflection protect the moment my rapier hits.

Yep, thats the way you die. I know this takes robots out, however, to be fair - I'd rather have 5 billion robots there afterward how this really is. I simply lost ~400k in bones due to this. Screw Jagex - that I can't even be bothered. They're only allowing FT/W only because they care for gold farmers (yeahthey took out Gold4rs. Big whup. I notice they are not persueing gold4fun) Personally, this is undermining all the support I had about buy rs3 gold Jagex at all. After Modern Combat 3 comes out (it is a program ), I'm probably unsubscribing.

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